Faculty at McLennan Community College are expected to produce and maintain a teaching portfolio every year as part of their evaluation. Listed below are links to my teaching philosophy, sample syllabi, sample assignments, sample presentations, my curriculum vitae, and my professional development plan for 2019-2020.

Teaching Portfolio

Teaching Philosophy
Teaching Philosophy

Volunteer Service
Volunteer Service

Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae

Professional Development Plan
Professional Development Plan

Student Evaluations and Responses
Student Evaluations and Responses

IMED 1316 – Web Design I

Web Design I Syllabus
IMED 1316-01 Syllabus

Group Project
IMED 1316-01 Group Project

Semester Project
IMED 1316-01 Semester Project

Exam 2 Part 2
IMED 1316-01 Exam 2 Part 2

Unit E Presentation
IMED 1316-01 Unit E Presentation

IMED 2315 – Web Design II

Web Design II Syllabus
IMED 2315-01 Syllabus

Normalization Assignment
IMED 2315-01 Normalization Assignment

Group Project
IMED 2315-01 Group Project

Semester Project
IMED 2315-01 Semester Project

Exam 3 Part 2
IMED 2315-01 Exam 3 Part 2

Intro to CMS/WordPress Presentation
IMED 2315-01 Intro to CMS/WordPress Presentation

ITSE 1331 – Intro to Visual Basic Programming

Intro to VB Programming Syllabus
ITSE 1331-01 Syllabus

Group Project – Requirements
ITSE 1331-01 Group Project - Requirements

Group Project – Scenario
ITSE 1331-01 Group Project - Scenario

Group Project – Diagrams
ITSE 1331-01 Group Project - Diagrams

Exam 2 Part 2
ITSE 1331-01 Exam 2 Part 2

Chapter 1 Presentation
ITSE 1331-01 Chapter 1 Presentation

Introduction to Computing Laboratory

Intro to Computing Lab Syllabus
BCISL 1305-H2 Syllabus

Internet Assignment
BCISL-H2 Internet Assignment

PowerPoint Presentation Assignment
BCISL-H2 PowerPoint Presentation Assignment

Unit 7 Presentation
BCISL-H2 Unit 7 Presentation