Part One of the Four-Part Series ``Sex, Violation, Power``

Sexual Assault photo Illustration number one Travis Taylor | Lariat Photo Editor

Publication: The Baylor Lariat

Category: Journalism

Date: December 3, 2013

During the summer and fall of 2013, I did an in-depth investigation into sexual abuse and rape, with a special emphasis on male victims.  After numerous interviews, including an interview with a male victim, and a Texas Public Information Act request to the Waco Police, my research led to the publishing of a four-part series that ran in The Baylor Lariat, the student newspaper of Baylor University.

In this first part, I reported on both the general stats of sexual abuse and rape, as well as those that were reported to Baylor University and to the Waco Police in the areas around Baylor.  This initial part also covered what was sexual abuse and rape under Texas law and what someone should do if they are a victim.